3 New Features on DIYWOD

It’s been a crazy first week here at DIYWOD headquarters. What started out as a quiet launch to a few friends quickly grew as dozens of people started hearing about us and signing up. It’s great to have all of you join our digital box, but it definitely had us scrambling to fix and upgrade our behind-the-scenes systems.

Here’s a few new things we’ve added in the past week:

  • A simple registration process. We applaud those of you who suffered through our very confusing signup process last week. We no longer require you to jump through 18 different hoops to get started so don’t be afraid to send your friends our way.
  • Score tracking. Now you can post your score to every WOD we send you. Just click the link in the email for “Post your score” and you’ll land on your WOD for the day and add your score. All of your scores will show up on your personal profile as well so you can keep track over the coming months.
  • Throttling WODs. As we continue to grow our database of WODs, we added a new feature to make sure you don’t get the same WOD for at least three months.

We’ve got a lot of ideas for how we can improve DIYWOD as well. Here’s a few that we are working on:

  • Better programming. Right now you might get three days in a row of pullups. We are working on our algorithm to make sure we program a good rhythm to your workouts just like your local affiliate would.
  • Standardizing movement names. Currently there is no one standardizing movement names. So in a WOD you might have a kettlebell swings, kettle-bell swings or KB swings. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s a huge problem when trying to do anything with an automatic system like we are building at DIYWOD. It also means there is no reliable database of WODs that people can use. So we are taking it on ourselves to fix this problem.
  • What else? We’d like your input as we continue improving DIYWOD. We have put together a short (3 question, less than 2 minutes) survey and would appreciate you taking the time to give us some feedback. It’s going to help us make DIYWOD better for you.

As we wrap up our first week of DIYWOD, we want to thank each of you for signing up and being a part of it. We look forward to helping you gain elite fitness!

Joseph Hinson and Tim Grahl

P.S. We’re on facebook too.

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