We launched…feedback welcome

On Monday we launched DIYWOD.com quietly, I sent an email to a list of people who had asked to be updated, and we asked all of our friends to signup.

We’re still working on the site, all of our time until this point has mainly been spent getting WODs in the system and getting the email system working. But it’s far from perfect.

That said, some of the WODs that have been sent out are tough. Real tough. So we’re working to equalize the workouts to something more akin to what you’d get in a Crossfit affiliate gym. And make them easier to scale.

Also, we’re working on the registration process, we think overall it could be smoother and simpler.

When I login nothing seems to happen.

The login functionality right now is limited to changing your profile and posting scores on the WOD you get in your email. Soon we will have your daily WOD available on the site once you login, but right now we’ve geared the system to send you the email every day. I’ve decided to post updates here to the blog as we add them so users can stay updated with what’s new.

Movement videos and scaling options

We’re working on a movemements section of the website, and plan to have that in the main nav soon along with scaling suggestions and a Crossfit appendix for commonly used terms.

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  1. Chris walsh

    Adding additional equipment not listed, such as treadmill.

    Developing an app for phone use.

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