PVC – The Cheapest Piece of Equipment

Recently I was at Home Depot and walked by the PVC aisle. I grabbed a 10′ PVC pipe. I got home and cut the pipe in two pieces to use for warm-ups and mobility work. I thought it would be useful to practice technique and stretch my shoulders out. I quickly learned that it’s good for more than that.

How’s your overhead squat form? What about your snatch? Want to improve them? Try 20 reps with PVC pipe and you’ll start recognizing your failures without paying for them by tweaking your back/shoulders.

For under $2, you can work on form, teach others how to perform the necessary lifts, and even do workouts by increasing reps and practicing perfect form. For example, 50 Overhead Squats with PVC Pipe.

Yesterday I did walking lunges with the PVC overhead, and it surprising how much your core is engaged, even with no weight.

If you don’t have PVC in your home gym, it’s a very small investment, and surprisingly useful.


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  1. joepownall says:

    I will try this Joseph, as sometimes weights with squats are a bit daunting and I worry about my form or hurting myself. Thanks…still enjoying workouts. Hope your Thanksgiving will be great!

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