DIYWOD.com is owned and operated by two guys who love Crossfit. Joseph Hinson and Tim Grahl.

About DIYWOD.com

How the system works:

DIYWOD.com revolves around your equipment profile. When you register for the site, the first thing you should do is setup your equipment profile. After that, you’ll get your first email. If you don’t setup your equipment profile, you’ll get a bodyweight workout the following morning. We encourage you to post your score to the workout you receive, if you didn’t modify the workout, be sure to click the “As Prescribed” checkbox.

A note about the workouts and scaling

The workout you get will be customized based on your equipment profile, but not your fitness level, so if a workout seems too challenging, the workout should be scaled to something you feel comfortable with. It should be noted that you are responsible for your own scaling, and while we can provide some informational resources, we never recommend you do anything that could put you at risk for injury. (See Terms of Use).

We’ve provided a scaling and substitutions page and are also building a movement demos reference so that you can learn movements on your own. It’s linked on the sidebar of every page. If you have any questions, reach out to me at j@diywod.com.

About Us:

Joseph HinsonJoseph Hinson designed and developed the site, he’s responsible for the look and feel, user experience, and the majority of the content of the website. Joseph is a lucky husband and blessed father of two little girls. He sometimes subs WODs for dance parties with the girls. Joseph loves DIY projects, and one fun fact is that this site was originally started to be a place he would blog about home-made Crossfit equipment, the box plans inspired this idea.

Tim GrahlTim Grahl built the engine that sends the emails and ties the equipment to every workout. Though he often doesn’t tell people, he’s a programmer. Tim is also a husband and father of two boys who he often takes camping when the weather is nice. Fun fact about Tim: He has 5 chickens on his city lot, and gets excited about urban farming.