• WOD – Workout of the day…it’s that simple
  • AMRAP – Scoring method, stands for “As many rounds as possible”, generally in a specified time period
  • RFT – Rounds for Time – workout to be performed in prescribed rounds as fast as possible (while maintaining good form)
  • 21-15-9, or any other series of numbers – This denotes that a workout is to be performed at a specified rep scheme, or number of reps per round, following the series prescribed. For example, the first round would be 21 reps, the second 15 reps, and the last round would be 9 reps. These are almost always performed for time.
  • Pood – Russian unit for measuring weight, approximately 36 pounds.  Men’s standard is a 54 pound (1.5 pood) kettlebell, where women use a 36 pound (1 pood) kettlebell.
  • Benchmark WOD – A standardized, well-known WOD. Commonly known is Fran (one of “the girls” workouts that consists of 21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull Ups) whose goal is speed. A sub-3-minute Fran time marks a very fit athlete.
  • As Prescribed or RX – The Workout performed has not been scaled. There are standard workouts for all men and all women, regardless of weight, age (with the exception of Masters – 55+) and strength. Since workouts are ideally to be performed as they’re given, performing one “As Prescribed” means the workout hasn’t been scaled. It is our gold star.
  • Box – A CrossFit affiliate, or a thing to jump on 😉
  • Tabata – An interval training system where for each round, 20 seconds of work are performed, and 10 seconds of rest are given. Most of the time Tabata is performed in 4 minute intervals, although sometimes tabata intervals last longer.
  • Kip (or kipping) – a gymnastic movement in which momentum is translated into directional force. Kipping pullups are preferred over strict (or static/deadhang) pullups because many more can be performed with less work. Kipping can also be used in muscle-ups, ring dips, and handstand pushups. For more information on kipping, and gymnastics movements see:

Movement / Exercise / Equipment Abbreviations (and appropriate links)

  • SDHP – Sumo Deadlift High Pull.
  • OHS – Overhead Squat
  • KB – Kettlebell
  • DB – Dumbell
  • HSPU – Handstand Pushup
  • PU – Hopefully never used because it’s just too confusing, but might refer to pushups or pullups.
  • GHDGlute Hamstring Developer

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