New Features — a few reminders

Vacation Mode

DIYWOD sends emails every day, but what about when you’re taking a week off, or when you’ve got enough in queue that you’d just like to take a break and do the workouts you already have on your home screen without getting inundated by emails? Well, now you can. Just go to your profile, and scroll down to the on/off switch.

By default this will be green, if you want to pause your emails, just flip the switch and your emails will stop until you switch them back on.

WOD Submission Form

Do you have a favorite workout that you think others would enjoy? We now welcome you to submit your own workouts.

When you’re logged into DIYWOD, simply click on the top where it says “Hello [your name]”, then click “Submit A Workout”.

There are only a few guidelines we ask that you follow, and they’re written right there on the page.

Lastly, here are a few other updates:

  • Mobile friendly site — now looks great when viewed with mobile devices and desktop browsers. Pro Tip: There’s a customized icon for iPhone users who want to add it to their home screen as well.
  • Scoring Updates – Recent scores are now shown in the sidebar, so you can see what workouts are being performed.
  • Change the way your name appears on the site – This has always been an option, though we’ve never pointed it out explicitly. You can change the way your name appears to both you and anyone who sees your activity. For example, my name appears as “Joseph Hinson” — here’s a quick video to show you how to change it.

What about you? Is there anything you want to see in DIYWOD? If so, let us know in the comments.

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Change the way your name appears publicly

Hey DIYWODies. I wanted to post this little pro-tip about your profile.

You can change the way your name appears next to your scores. If you don’t like the way it uses your username by default, just go into your profile and update the “Display name publicly” field. Here’s a video that illustrates what I mean:

As always, have fun, be safe – and for goodness sakes don’t hurt yourself.

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Protect Your Hands.

Found these videos, thought I’d share:

Hand Maintenance

How to tape your hands

Thanks to Andy from Crossfit LA for making these.

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PVC – The Cheapest Piece of Equipment

Recently I was at Home Depot and walked by the PVC aisle. I grabbed a 10′ PVC pipe. I got home and cut the pipe in two pieces to use for warm-ups and mobility work. I thought it would be useful to practice technique and stretch my shoulders out. I quickly learned that it’s good for more than that.

How’s your overhead squat form? What about your snatch? Want to improve them? Try 20 reps with PVC pipe and you’ll start recognizing your failures without paying for them by tweaking your back/shoulders.

For under $2, you can work on form, teach others how to perform the necessary lifts, and even do workouts by increasing reps and practicing perfect form. For example, 50 Overhead Squats with PVC Pipe.

Yesterday I did walking lunges with the PVC overhead, and it surprising how much your core is engaged, even with no weight.

If you don’t have PVC in your home gym, it’s a very small investment, and surprisingly useful.


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A few scoring updates

If you haven’t noticed lately, we’ve added a few small improvements to your logged in page, specifically with regards to how your workouts are displayed and scores are listed. They are illustrated below:

  1. All of your recent workouts that have a score posted to them will be displayed in a yellow box, so you can quickly scan through them and see which ones you’ve done.
  2. All of your scores that are listed below the recent workouts will show a date above them so that you know when you performed the workout.
  3. Recent scores posted will now show up on the sidebar in case you want to see if you can match someones time for a particular workout.
  4. Not illustrated here, but if you hover over a workout in your Recent WODs list, a small box will appear with the workout listed so you don’t have to drill down to that page before deciding which WOD to pick from the list.

I hope you find these features helpful.

If you think of anything else that you think would be helpful, send it my way. I can’t always add all the feature requests, but I want to hear every one of them.

Thanks for using — I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.



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New Feature: Your Recent Workouts

So far one of the most requested features has been to go directly to the site and view your workout. Today we launched a new feature so that when you login to, the homepage becomes your most recent WOD (generally today’s workout) and the last several workouts you’ve received. Clicking the name of any of the workouts will take you to that workout so that you don’t have to go digging through your email to find a recent workout.

We’ve also added a listing of all the scores you’ve posted (if you posted any). Use this to look back on your times as you advance your fitness to a new level.

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3 New Features on DIYWOD

It’s been a crazy first week here at DIYWOD headquarters. What started out as a quiet launch to a few friends quickly grew as dozens of people started hearing about us and signing up. It’s great to have all of you join our digital box, but it definitely had us scrambling to fix and upgrade our behind-the-scenes systems.

Here’s a few new things we’ve added in the past week:

  • A simple registration process. We applaud those of you who suffered through our very confusing signup process last week. We no longer require you to jump through 18 different hoops to get started so don’t be afraid to send your friends our way.
  • Score tracking. Now you can post your score to every WOD we send you. Just click the link in the email for “Post your score” and you’ll land on your WOD for the day and add your score. All of your scores will show up on your personal profile as well so you can keep track over the coming months.
  • Throttling WODs. As we continue to grow our database of WODs, we added a new feature to make sure you don’t get the same WOD for at least three months.

We’ve got a lot of ideas for how we can improve DIYWOD as well. Here’s a few that we are working on:

  • Better programming. Right now you might get three days in a row of pullups. We are working on our algorithm to make sure we program a good rhythm to your workouts just like your local affiliate would.
  • Standardizing movement names. Currently there is no one standardizing movement names. So in a WOD you might have a kettlebell swings, kettle-bell swings or KB swings. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, it’s a huge problem when trying to do anything with an automatic system like we are building at DIYWOD. It also means there is no reliable database of WODs that people can use. So we are taking it on ourselves to fix this problem.
  • What else? We’d like your input as we continue improving DIYWOD. We have put together a short (3 question, less than 2 minutes) survey and would appreciate you taking the time to give us some feedback. It’s going to help us make DIYWOD better for you.

As we wrap up our first week of DIYWOD, we want to thank each of you for signing up and being a part of it. We look forward to helping you gain elite fitness!

Joseph Hinson and Tim Grahl

P.S. We’re on facebook too.

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We launched…feedback welcome

On Monday we launched quietly, I sent an email to a list of people who had asked to be updated, and we asked all of our friends to signup.

We’re still working on the site, all of our time until this point has mainly been spent getting WODs in the system and getting the email system working. But it’s far from perfect.

That said, some of the WODs that have been sent out are tough. Real tough. So we’re working to equalize the workouts to something more akin to what you’d get in a Crossfit affiliate gym. And make them easier to scale.

Also, we’re working on the registration process, we think overall it could be smoother and simpler.

When I login nothing seems to happen.

The login functionality right now is limited to changing your profile and posting scores on the WOD you get in your email. Soon we will have your daily WOD available on the site once you login, but right now we’ve geared the system to send you the email every day. I’ve decided to post updates here to the blog as we add them so users can stay updated with what’s new.

Movement videos and scaling options

We’re working on a movemements section of the website, and plan to have that in the main nav soon along with scaling suggestions and a Crossfit appendix for commonly used terms.

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