Walking Lunges

This is a bodyweight only workout

Anyone can do this workout, send it to your friends!

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  • joepownall: 6:22As RX
  • joepownall: 6:42As RX
    Wow..almost half my original time two months ago!
  • joepownall: 6:46As RX
    Seemed to of leveled off here, but still solid.
  • senang.sekali: 8:03As RX
    This was my first time doing a WOD. I assumed that the 21-18 etc. set meant that it was 21 ea. leg for the walking lunges
  • Daniel Sablatzky: 8:22As RX
  • goodmansphoto: 8:36As RX
    Did it with my daughter! Great family wod.
  • joepownall: 10:02As RX
  • joepownall: 12:25
    Can probably improve, but this was my first time doing two of the moves.

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