50 jumping jacks
50 pushups
50 tuck jumps
50 situps
50 mountain climbers(50 each leg)
50 squats
50 jumping jacks

WOD Description
Bodyweight WODs don't require any equipment and are ideal for people just getting started. They are also ideal for use while on vacation or travelling. Often called "Road WODs".

This is a bodyweight only workout

Anyone can do this workout, send it to your friends!

13 Scores posted, see how you stack up

  • Joseph Hinson: 4:46
    Only 20 reps of each
  • spexbaker: 5:40As RX
  • spexbaker: 6:55As RX
  • joepownall: 10:36As RX
  • joepownall: 12:17As RX
    Some improvement...plus ran 7 miles
  • joepownall: 13:20As RX
    Getting better after layoff
  • Daniel Sablatzky: 13:27As RX
  • 2Cents: 13:42As RX
  • Joseph Hinson: 14:56As RX
    You guys are hardcore. I'm a wuss
  • runnergirl: 15:46As RX
  • joepownall: 17:01As RX
    will get much faster at this one in a month or so I bet.
  • Matthew Edwards: 24:13
  • jredwards: 35:00As RX

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