Run 5k for time

This is a bodyweight only workout

Anyone can do this workout, send it to your friends!

17 Scores posted, see how you stack up

  • joepownall: 20:29As RX
    Likely my fastest time ever !
  • joepownall: 21:19
    Getting better
  • joepownall: 21:22As RX
    good effort in warm conditions
  • joepownall: 21:35As RX
  • joepownall: 21:56As RX
    Nice speed considering I've been running 7:40 ish, but would still like to "speed work" whenever possible two times a week during winter.
  • joepownall: 22:05As RX
    Decent, but this time of year I usually can go 21: 00 ish.
  • adirmiller: 25:40As RX
  • Joseph Hinson: 26:31As RX
    Ran 3.3 miles
  • Omer Basith: 27:10As RX
  • Omer Basith: 27:38As RX
  • Omer Basith: 28:20As RX
  • jshinson: 28:48As RX
  • mikery: 28:54As RX
  • Joseph Hinson: 29:25As RX
    Working on rebuilding my endurance.
  • Omer Basith: 30:19As RX
  • Daniel Sablatzky: 31:20As RX
  • Daniel Sablatzky: 36:04As RX

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