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  • joepownall: 2:53As RX
    good effort
  • joepownall: 3:20As RX
    First DIYWOD in a while...have had some injuries...hamstring and back...maybe from not doing DIYWODs?
  • joepownall: 3:23As RX
    Done soon after completing "Tina."
  • jwill384: 3:31As RX
    Hung over!!
  • brookelee: 3:50
  • joepownall: 3:55As RX
    bad back has caused slow down and out of shapeness. But did weights and ab routine earlier ran 25 miles in a week for first time in several weeks
  • Starla: 5:07As RX
  • Petunia: 6:02As RX
    Whew! It's been since September... too long to take off. Completed "A Better Warm-up" (Glassman, 2006) first. Feels good, though, even with shaky arms. Oh, yeah!

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