KB Swings (53/35)
KB Goblet Squats
KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
200M Run

*complete the required reps of each lift then run 200M in between rounds

The Equipment You'll Need:

2 Scores posted, see how you stack up

  • Joseph Hinson: 11:11
    15-10-5 @ 54lb KB - I'm outta shape. First WOD back in months. I really need to be consistent with this so it'll hurt less.
  • kettlebellrick: 28:47As RX
    With Scaled equipment: 35 with 20 lb kb for swings and squats- 30 lb sandbag for DL High Pulls 28 with 35 lb kb & 20 kb for squats- sandbag same 21- 35 kb for swings & squats- sandbag same 14 & 7 - 35 kb for all 3 time included five 220 yard runs and and four 3 minute rest periods Thanks to DIYWOD for motivation and inspiration- did outside in sunny weather- Totally warmed up by foam roller, small ball release therapy, Home Depot Sliders and ladder drills!

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