Strict Pull Ups



200m Run between each round.

The Equipment You'll Need:

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  • joepownall: 21:05
    I could not do pullups, but did a few and "hung" as much as possible. Also, I may have done the wrong thing. I did 10 "pullups" (1 or 2 plus "hanging" for several seconds then 10 incline (not handstand) pushups, etc. on down to one for both exercises. I then ran 200 m's as prescribed and started reverse trend of 1 to ten of each exercise again.
  • Joseph Hinson: 25:07As RX
  • trspaulding: 25:24
    I was pretty good on the first set of 10 pull ups, then needed some assistance with low box for sets 9-7. From 6 on down I was fine on the pull ups (though my grip is more of a "hammer curl" grip). The HSPUs were brutal. Never done them before. I had to scale it down with my knees up on a box. They weren't too bad but the full HSPUs were way too difficult. I figure my form might be off. Who knows. Finally, I think I lost a rep somewhere. I started with 10 & 1 then 200M then 9 & 1 (thinking added together makes 10) then realized at 1 & 9 that something was off. So I did an additional set of 1 &10. Thanks Joseph for this awesome site!

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